Does the property have one or more sump pumps 8a. Are there any problems with the operation of any sump pump or any other areas within any of the structures on the property 9a.Are you aware of the presence of any mold or similar natural substance within the basement or crawl spaces or any other areas within any of the structures on the property ment or crawl space If yes describe the location nature and date of the repairs NJAR Form-140-7/12 LF705 location. Page 1 of 8 the attic or roof was...
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Good morning a good referral for me thisweek is anyone who's about to sell theirhomehi Doug Lynch a blonde basementSolutions Gosling's New Jersey I'm theweb at 8-1 basements comm they're in NewJersey when people are selling theirhome they're asked to fill out a sellersdisclosure form this is just page oneit's actually many many but I'd like togo over with you what is involved isthere's copies of everyone's tablewhat's involved with the basement soquestioning does the property have oneor more sub Pop's are there any problemswith the operations of any sell pops areyou aware of any water leakage of fuelAsian or deafness within the basement orcrawl spaces weren't any other areawithin any of the structures on thepropertyare you aware the presence of any moldor similar natural substance within thebasement or crawl spaces or any otherare you within and the Impa structureson the property are you aware of anyrepairs or attempts to control anymortar port damp this problem in thebasement or crawl spaces if yesdescribes a location nature and date ofthe repairs are you aware of any cracksor bulges in the basement floor orfoundation wallsif yes specify locations so if any ofthese things sound familiar - yesbecause I talked about the week afterweek but I just like to reiterate onemore time so if you have a problem withit some problem or even a call if youhave problems with water leakageemulation or deafness within thebasement we gonna call mold or any othernatural substance who are you gonna call